Best Sexologist in Chennai – Dr. Shah’s Clinic

Sexology is the branch of medicine that deals with exclusively both male and female sexual health. Sexologists are people who specialize to deal with Sexual medicine based issues. Andrology on the other hand deals with both male fertility and sexual medicine. An Andrologist, is medical specialist who is trained to handle the complete aspect of a male’s reproductive health, while a sexologist deals only with a couple’s sexual health regardless of their fertility.

Sexual medicine is now a rapidly growing medical specialty and today sexual health problems affect alteast 3 of 10 newly married couples and almost every couple atleasst once in a lifetime. In developing nations like India, were formal sex education is not given in schools, the prevalence of sexual health disorders is rampant. One resource page that particularly contained a lot of informational content on Fertility and Sexual health is called “The Andrology Corner”. People facing such issues can visit the link below and obtain a free sexologist consultation with Dr. Shah Dupesh (Founder of the Andrology Corner) and Consultant at Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male infertility and Sexual Health.


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