Staying Healthy and Happy at Work


A happy workforce in undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any organisation. A company that keeps its workforce happy has the significant benefits of increased productivity, creativity, reduced turnover and an improved bottom line. One of the most common reasons for an employee’s unhappiness is their workspace. Sitting for more that 6+ HOURS can make you 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity than those sitting less than 3 HOURS. This is why we have created a guide that can help you improve your sitting, standing and typing positions to boost productivity.

Staying Healthy and Happy at Work


Rinoplastia Lisboa – Clínica de cirurgia plástica


A clínica de Rinoplastia Lisboa tem os melhores médicos e cirurgiões em Lisboa. Dedicados para lhe prestar um serviço de excelência!

Venha conhecer a nossa clínica de Rinoplastia em Lisboa aqui: http://www.rinoplastialisboa.com/
Visite a nossa Clínica de Rinoplastia em Lisboa e fique a conhecer os médicos e cirurgiões plásticos mais dedicados a um serviço de excelência!

Se precisa de fazer uma cirurgia plástica ao nariz (rinoplastia), ou qualquer outro tipo de cirurgia reconstrutiva, veio a sítio certo.
Fique a conhecer os melhores cirurgiões plásticos no centro de Lisboa, e faça a sua cirurgia sem complicações 🙂









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Autism Awareness Month – Understanding Autism


Autism is basically hyperplasia of a certain part of the brain that causes a mental disorder. This disorder develops early while the embryo is still in the mother. Autism being a developmental disorder can come in a lot of different varieties. It depends on the person or the child with the disorder to be able to tell you exactly how this person will behave. Some of the characteristics of autistic children are trouble forming bonds or friendships, being excessively loud, and becoming startled by loud sounds. Certain autistic children tend to dislike certain bright colors. They can bring on panic attacks and anxiety for them

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Commercial Rubbish Bin for Malaysia Businesses


Shop commercial rubbish bin online from imec.com.my, Malaysia leading cleaning products supplier. The right type of garbage bin can make your business cleaning progress and cost more efficient. In Malay waste bin means “tong sampah” which include many varieties such as Free Standing Rubbish Bin, the Two Wheel Rubbish Bin, the Heavy Duty Step On Two Wheel Rubbish Bin, the Polyethylene Outdoor Rubbish Bin and also the Step On With Air Tight Designed Lid Rubbish Bin.